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A screenshot from 101 Reasons to Go Vegan with James Wildman.

The dairy industry tortures and abuses cows, artificially inseminates mother cows with rape machines, confines calves, making them anaemic and slaughtering them before they have ever seen the sun, merely weeks old. That’s right. The dairy industry is the veal industry.

Why do we do it? CALCIUM, right? That’s what they’d have us believe.

Animal protein in cow’s milk makes the blood in your body turn instantly acidic. In order the neutralize that acidity, calcium phosphate is leached from your bones. Phosphate neutralizes the acidity, and you excrete the calcium through your urine. This is why the countries with the highest intake of dairy, have the highest rates of osteoporosis.

Dairy is killing you, and it is definitely killing the animals. The one excuse you had left, is a lie.

And with such an array of soy, almond, hemp, coconut, rice and oat milks, with a plethora of vegan cheeses, and even coconut and soy whipped cream, taste is certainly no excuse.


TCS Vigil July 9th 2014

When you hear the numbers 7 billion a year, or 600 000 a day (at “Maple Leaf Poultry” killing facility), or 10 000 per transport truck, it can sometimes be difficult to picture the individuals that those numbers represent; and yet each one was a beautiful, unique person. A person who came into this world with hopes for love and freedom, only to tragically be met with horrific violence and an untimely death.

Please choose veganism!

Learn about Toronto Chicken Save and join our vigils!

Photo credit to Anita Krajnc.

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